Headshot of a pale-skinned woman outdoors with silvering hair, green leaves in the background. She is wearing spectacles and a neck-choker with a fossilised ammonite pendant.Interested in Viv’s opinions on life, the universe and everything?

  • Mostly on twitter these days @vivsmythe
  • tigtog still occasionally blogs sociopolitically and eclecticly at Hoyden About Town (and extensive archives of her writing for other blogs is not hard to find)
  • Viv contributed to ABC Online’s The Drum/Unleashed.
  • Viv was a panelist at the inaugural Feminist Writers Festival in Melbourne 2016

Looking for some articles that used to be found on this domain?

Here are some commonly requested pages which have been moved to this pre-2005 archives site. Click on the title to be taken to their new link: